Learn Baseball through the Different Special Rules that It Employs

Are you already drowning with too much information that you have to ingest as you try to learn baseball? It will not hurt if you are going to slow down while taking everything in. You can relax for some time and prefer to watch real games on TV. After such down time, you can go back on the learning process because there are still many things to learn about this national sport in the US and a favorite hobby of many people across the globe. You already know how the game is played. You even have a complete list of the equipments that a player needs to get on with it. So what else do you have to be briefed about? Aside from the basics, there are many special rules that you have to learn to know the game better.

The Rules

This sport is actually easier explained in words. Once you are out in the field, you will understand that it is indeed complex with so many rules that you have to bear in mind as you get on with the game. Here are some samples that can help you get started with these special rules.

Foul pole. In the playing field, there are poles that are set up on the left and right sides of the fields to serve as the foul line. This is done to measure the ball as it travel in the air. When the ball hits one of these poles, it will be called a fair ball and a home run is going to be announced.

Ground rule double. In contrast with the first rule that the ball will be called a home run when it hits over the outfield fence, an automatic double is going to be called when the ball bounces over the fence.

Dropped third strike. The batter is considered out if they committed three strikes. In the case of the catcher, when they drop or doesn’t catch the pitched third strike, the batter is still capable to be awarded with first base. This can be achieved if he’ll be able to reach it before the catcher can tag him or throw the ball towards the first base. This kind of strikeout is not part of the three outs during the half inning.

Tagging up. A runner that is positioned on the base cannot advance until the ball hits the ground. When the ball is caught by a fielder, the runner can only advance when the ball is caught. The fielder aims to create a record of an out by assisting his teammate through tagging. Through this, the game can level up into a close play at the home plate.

Infield fly rule. When a ball remains in the air, the runners must stay on the base. So when there are two or more runners out on the base with less than two outs, an automatic out is going to be called in case of a fly ball that is not hit strong enough to move farther in the field.

There are many other rules that you will know more about as you learn baseball. Make sure that you are always open to new ideas, game tactics and techniques that can help you become a better player in no time.

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